Music from behind the Pyrenees


04 de junio de 2017

Prague Spring this year offered two very unusual meeting with senior Spanish music, two concerts and two different programs, under which it was but in both cases signed by Aarón Zapico , harpsichordist and artistic director of two ensembles ( Concerto Zapico and Forma Antiqua ). The first performances in the church. Anny (Prague Crossroads, 28. 5.) was fully devoted to instrumental music for plucked instruments from the 16th to the 18th century. In a modest baroque guitar composition ( Pablo Zapico ), theorbo ( Daniel Zapico ) and harpsichord warmed up the trio of brothers long series of dances and variations. Dominate policy Spanish composers or modifications Italian repertoire. Dramaturgical framework was built impressive: at home fandango by José de Nebra y Blasco (1702-1768), the most famous member of numerous musical family, the Golden Mean anonymous diferencias (ie. Variations) on the film which attracted perhaps the greatest interest of the audience, and finally fandango another, this time from Domenica Scarlattiho, Spanish composer seated and perfectly familiar with the traditions. These songs also received the greatest opportunity virtuosity and long gradation area for this repertoire so typical. Conceived of solo pieces that were Jácaras by Gaspar Sanz, where his art showed Pablo Zapico. Apart from the typical genre features interpretive approach Zapico brothers in the whole characterized by rather unpretentious and refreshingly modest approach that could possibly surprise some listeners. Also, the rate was chosen rather to the idea well articulated rhythms with regard to this repertoire not entirely favorable acoustics of the temple area. Audience favors the concert was finally rewarded with a very stylish addition, because canzonetta Mozart's Don Giovanni.

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