The Volcano Symphony: Ernst Reijseger | FORMA ANTIQVA | Aarn ZapicoThe Volcano Symphony: Ernst Reijseger | FORMA ANTIQVA | Aarn Zapico

REIJSEGER: The Volcano Symphony

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Disco: The Volcano Symphony

08 de febrero de 2017

Despite the jeremiads that bedevil the classical recording industry, many labels still have enterprising recording programs – and not just reheatings of well-worn repertoire pieces. Here, for instance, is an opportunity to discover a composer and a piece most listeners will not have heard of. I have to say that I did not find the music distinctive or individual, but it is certainly given the best possible advocacy here. And if you’re more persuadable, you may find this an interesting issue. Composer and cellist Ernst Reijseger presents his first symphonic poem, “The Volcano Symphony”, written for the Baroque orchestra Forma Antiqua conducted by Aarón Zapico. The symphony (we are told) ‘tells of death and life’’. Soprano Eugenia Boix embodies the voice of Pele — not a footballer but the goddess of the volcanoes, according to Hawaiian belief.

Barry Forshaw

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