The Volcano Symphony

Ernst Reijseger | FORMA ANTIQVA | Aarón Zapico

Ernst Reijseger, violoncello; Eugenia Boix, soprano; Aarón Zapico;

Winter & Winter November 2016

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"Ha habido un trabajo intelectual previo muy profundo, pero el compositor ha sido muy humilde con nosotros y se ha puesto en nuestras manos. The Volcano Symphony es una composición que atraviesa por momentos más bellos y otros de mayor crudeza; exponerse a ella es una experiencia. Y nos va a acompañar por mucho tiempo."

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Elementarkräfte (Musik & Theater) June 2017
Als Menschen rationale Erklärungen fu?r Elementarkräfte noch fehlten, erfanden sie personifizierte Mythen. Auf die polynesische Göttin Pele bezieht sich der niederländische Cellist und Komponist Ernst Reijseger im Sujet seiner «Volcano Symphonie», die er als Klangdrama fu?rs Barockensemble Forma Antiqva inszeniert hat. Ihre Doppelidentität (Zerstörung und Fruchtbarkeit) ist in ätherisch-wortlosem Sopran von Eugenia Boix und stetem instrumentalen Spannungsverhältnis präsent, das Ernst Reijseger gemäss der unorthodoxen Besetzung wie Orgelregister arrangiert hat. Insbesondere...

REIJSEGER: The Volcano Symphony (Classical CD Choise) February 2017
Despite the jeremiads that bedevil the classical recording industry, many labels still have enterprising recording programs – and not just reheatings of well-worn repertoire pieces. Here, for instance, is an opportunity to discover a composer and a piece most listeners will not have heard of. I have to say that I did not find the music distinctive or individual, but it is certainly given the best possible advocacy here. And if you’re more persuadable, you may find this an interesting issue. Composer and cellist Ernst Reijseger presents his first symphonic poem, “The Volcano Symphony”,...


Elementarkräfte (Musik & Theater) June 2017
REIJSEGER: The Volcano Symphony (Classical CD Choise) February 2017

The Volcano Symphony


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Dutch Composer and cellist Ernst Reijseger presents his first symphonic poem, The Volcano Symphony, written for the Spanish Baroque orchestra Forma Antiqva conducted by Aarón Zapico.
It is unlike that Antonio Vivaldi only wished to describe the course of the year in his Le Quattro Stagioni, or that Richard Strauss only had the intention of illustration the mountain hike of his youth in Eine Alpensinfonie. Instead, both works focus also on phases and narrations on human life.
Ernst Reijseger is fascinated by the unstoppable power of flowing lava, the inferno, the quiet sea of hell, the explosion of elemental forces, and the creation of new, vigorous life.
On the one hand Reijseger describes magma and its effects, this mass of molten rocks streaming out of the opening in the earth, breaking out, destroying, fertilising, and introducing the birth of new life. On the other hand The Volcano Symphony tells of death, love and life. Soprano Eugenia Boix embodies the voice of Pele, the goddess of the volcanoes according to Hawaiian belief. We experience a completely new sound language from a Baroque orchestra: Reijseger's composition transforms its fascinating powers of narration into an event.
Stefan Winter


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Premio GEMA al Mejor Grupo de Música Barroca (s. XVIII) y del Clasicismo 2016.

Premio GEMA a la Mejor Producción Discográfica 2016 por "Crudo Amor - Agostino Steffani" (Winter & Winter).

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